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Internship Training Programme

There is a profound gap between the knowledge and skills most students learn in their colleges and the same they need in typical 21st century communities and workplaces. As an effort to bridge the gap, we provide an industry specific comprehensive internship training for our students from engineering and technology backgrounds that will make them more employable after graduation locally as well as globally.

Solidworks Preparatory Courses

Are You Ready To Learn SolidWorks?

Advance Your Career and Gain New Heights

You can explore with us how critical training of SolidWorks software help engineers and designers like you, in a variety of industries. Get trained at SELMA, the only authorised course provider certified by SolidWorks. We will ensure that you will receive proper training with licensed software.

Corporate Training

Improve Your Business

SELMA provides comprehensive instructor led training courses for SolidWorks. All the courses are hands-on and will allow your team to learn by carrying out different tasks outlined in the training.

Catia and Abaqus

Design Your World and Test It

  • CATIA is the most powerful and widely used CAD (computer aided design) software of its kind in the world while ABAQUS is rock solid in holding its position as the most powerful Simulation tool.
  • There are more global companies using CATIA and ABAQUS than all the other CAD programs combined.
  • There is a progressing demand for CATIA and ABAQUS among companies as their ultimate CAD tool.
  • Existing supply of CATIA designers simulation experts is not sufficient to fill the vacuum.
  • Paid vacation jobs awaits for you around the globe, If you can Design with CATIA and simulate with ABAQUS

If you want to give yourself the best opportunity for to further your career, then CATIA & Abaqus are the right choices.

CATIA Preparatory Courses Abaqus Preparatory Courses
Certificate in CATIA V6 Mechanical Designing Fundamentals Certificate in Foundation to Abaqus
Certificate in CATIA V6 Mechanical Designing Expert Intermediate Certificate in Abaqus
Certificate in CATIA V5 Mechanical Desinging Master Advanced Certificate in Abaqus
Certificate in Abaqus Tire Analysis
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