Digital Platform to Prepare the Workforce of the Future

3DEXPERIENCE for Academia, the most advanced software for product and learning innovation, is available in the cloud or on-premises, within your own operating environment. Both options bring new capabilities to educators and students who want to experience the engineering practices of industry leaders for increased employment opportunities in the new global economy. Years of collaboration with educators and students across a wide variety of institutions and disciplines has led to a flexible, tailored set of learning solutions.

3DEXPERIENCE for Academia is an advanced platform designed for a variety of industries, enabling the new practices of industry renaissance. It offers the ideal infrastructure for bringing industry practices into learning. Encompassing comprehensive CAD, CAM and CAE capabilities, the platform provides powerful solutions for managing collaborative work and joint innovation. Modular, it can be adopted either in full, or just as a specific component.


With its dashboard capabilities, Business and Industry Innovation enables project follow-up, hands-on exercises and technology watch via RSS feeds. Engineering and non-engineering disciplines can access a set of professional grade platform capabilities to connect their activity through a private social network, regardless of the nature of their deliverables, from reports to essays, multimedia documents to design or simulation files.

3DEXPERIENCE Essentials is a broad application set build upon the Business & Industry Innovation foundation, encompassing a vast set of Dassault Systèmes’ solutions.The ideal basis for universities or technical colleges to support their transition to project- based or student-centered learning, 3DEXPERIENCE Essentials provides a complete digital framework for team-based ideation, contextual learning, collective innovation, solution creation and various methods for project evaluation.

3D Innovator is a brand new intuitive set of web applications, running in a browser and available on the cloud as a service.

Its modelling environment and built-in design guidance are a perfect solution for freshmen enrolled in Mechanical Engineering.

Design and Engineering extends 3DEXPERIENCE Essentials with the capability to automate the modeling of parts produced using specific manufacturing processes, such as sheet metal, composites, and molding or routed systems comprising pipes, tubes and wires. In addition, Design and Engineering automates the associative design of tooling which is required to actually produce such parts and systems.

Systems Engineering combines a rich set of functions essential for concurrently designing and simulating various types of objects using models simultaneously optimized for geometry and function. Indispensable for modeling modern electromechanical systems, simulating their behavior and optimizing smart products, Systems Engineering comes with numerous libraries representing the physics of diverse technologies and phenomena.

The Advanced Simulation role extends the simulation capabilities within domain-specific roles, such as Design and Engineering for Academia, providing engineers, students and educators with  the  ability  to  collaboratively  solve complex  engineering  problems  spanning multiple scales and disciplines.

The Marketing Experience package brings virtual product and process models into real, interactive experiences for test users, marketing targets, product users and various types of learners. The package offers a complete pipeline to simplify and IP-protect engineering data, animate it on scripts, contextualize it in a realistic universe, enrich it with physical behaviors, compose it into interaction scenarios and disseminate it on a variety of devices, including HTC® VR headsets.

Architecture and Civil Engineering is a set of capabilities that further expand the powerful collaborative framework of 3DEXPERIENCE Essentials for the construction and offshore and shipbuilding industries.

Manufacturing and Production extends 3DEXPERIENCE Essentials to digital manufacturing for Industrial or Manufacturing engineering programs.

Governance and Project Management extends Business & Industry Innovation with numerous organizational and work process related tools. It targets any educational activity where the development of technical managerial skills is a desired learning outcome. It also provides educators with powerful tools to control and manage their teaching and research processes.

Peer Learning EXPERIENCE is an innovative online learning solution where you can learn engineering, design and project management efficiently. Learning courses are co-developed by an international community of educators working in expert committees. The Peer Learning EXPERIENCE immerses participants together with peers in an interactive journey along learning paths and reproduces classroom-style co-learning techniques. It is now directly accessible by any user of the 3DEXPERIENCE.

ILICE (Inspire, Learn, Innovate, Create, Evaluate) is a free downloadable, customizable pre-configuration for the 3DEXPERIENCE to quick-start project-centric learning by taking immediate benefit of the platform’s social capabilities and deploying it in project activities. ILICE makes it easy for project supervisors to give teams all the attention they need, promote ideation activities, ensure student use of modern project management and design methods and rationalize competence-based evaluation.