Simplify and accelerate innovation to create more valuable consumer experiences

High-tech enhances our modern and connected lives with always-on experiences.

As capabilities and opportunities rise exponentially, high-tech companies must become ever more responsive to re-invent and sustain their leading edge while mastering complexity, quality and margin pressures.

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform empowers high-tech innovators to innovate faster, yet more sustainably

Running on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, our industry solutions deliver secure collaborative capabilities for real-time process simplification and acceleration across time-zones and domains of expertise. All solutions enable industry best practices out-of-the box, facilitating deployment, use and standardization. At the same time, they can be easily combined and scaled according to the needs of any user, enterprise or innovation ecosystem.

Explore how today’s OEMs and new innovators alike are entirely redefining the future of mobility with industry-leading 3DEXPERIENCE solutions.

Discover how our Industry Solution Experiences can help you solve your challenges

Accelerated Device

Be the first to market !

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Adaptive Connected Systems

Master the complexity of engineering software-driven systems with optimal performance

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Agile Portfolio Management

Foster efficiency and agility in defining a portfolio of configurable products and solutions.

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Compliant Product Release

Ensure the compliance, quality and readiness of the product released from engineering to manufacturing & operations

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Empowered Design Innovation

Boost your disruptive innovation potential by design

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High Impact Marketing

Easily create powerful high-end marketing experiences

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High Performance Battery

Optimize engineering from molecule to system in designing safer, long-lasting and fast-charging batteries.

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High Performance Electronics

Master Electronics Systems Development for Performance, Adaptability, Reliability, Cost, Supply, and Compliance.

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High Performance Semiconductor

Achieve higher efficiency and zero re-spins in developing IOT-ready System-on-Chips

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High-Tech Smart Factory

High-Tech Smart Factory enables to transform your planning and global operations to gain responsiveness, flexibility, and efficiency.

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Perfect Package

Design and Optimize Packaging in Record Time

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Integrated Built Environment

Share trusted knowledge across projects and assets

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Next Gen Engineering

Advance engineering collaboration to create mechatronic products right the first time

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Highly Virtual Prototyping

Accelerate development & increase device reliability by maximizing the use of virtual validation

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Resilient Supply Chain

Build a lean and resilient supply and distribution network for superior responsiveness and performance

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