SIMULIA lets you explore, discover and improve on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform

SIMULIA offers an advanced simulation product portfolio with industry-leading technology in powerful, user-friendly environments. SIMULIA’s technology range covers simulation disciplines such as structural mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, multibody dynamics and electromagnetic field simulation for a true multiphysics simulation approach. The SIMULIA technology portfolio also includes tools for process integration, system design and optimization.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports simulation users, bringing together all the data and tools for the project into a single source of truth allowing engineers to design and test using a virtual twin. The 3DEXPERIENCE integrates tools from across Dassault Systèmes different brands and breaks down the silos between design, simulation and other departments


A Comprehensive Set Of Process Capture, Management, Replay, And Deployment Capabilities


Electromagnetic Simulation Technology Including CST Studio Suite To Guide Design Decisions And Improve Product Performance And Quality


Steady-State And Transient Internal And External Flow (Including Heat Transfer) Around And Through Solids And Structures Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Directly Connected To The Design Geometry

Multibody Dynamics

Multibody Simulation Technology To Verify Complex Product Motion


Drive Innovation By Exploring Multiple Alternatives Across The Complete Range Of Operating Scenarios, All To Make Better Decisions And Find Optimal Designs

PLM Services For Simulia

Connect Standalone Simulation Products To The 3dexperience Platform For Collaboration, Sharing, And Connection With Platform Technologies.


A Comprehensive Set Of Structural Analysis Solutions Using Abaqus Fea To Guide Design Decisions And Improve Product Performance And Quality


Capabilities To Model And Simulate Complex Multi-Disciplinary Systems

Industry Verticals

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