Energy & Materials
Rethink energy and materials innovation to create a sustainable future

Energy and Materials businesses, including power, oil & gas, mining, metals and minerals, and chemicals face many challenges. Environmental concerns and increasing public scrutiny drive rising interest in alternative solutions that disrupt traditional business models. Complexity may arise from aging infrastructure and new, technically demanding assets. Volatile prices and low productivity put profits under continuous pressure. 

Energy & Materials businesses must therefore diversify into new ventures, increase their pace of innovation, improve organizational and infrastructure efficiencies and increase responsiveness by aligning product supply with changing priorities and demands of customers and society.

Running on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, our industry solutions deliver secure collaborative capabilities for real-time process simplification and acceleration across time-zones and domains of expertise. All solutions enable industry best practices out-of-the box, facilitating deployment, use and standardization. At the same time, they can be easily combined and scaled according to the needs of any user, enterprise or innovation ecosystem.

Discover how our Industry Solution Experiences can help you solve your challenges

Materials Excellence

Create and Optimize Materials

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Unified Reservoir

Explore, Develop, and Produce – Safely and Efficiently

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Civil Infrastructure Engineering

Engineer ready-to-deliver infrastructure with knowledge based design.

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Lab Excellence

Provide science-based organizations with a common environment to manage end-to-end laboratory analytical and process workflows

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Strategic Mine Planning & Design

Maximize mine profitability with a safe and sustainable design strategy.

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Mine Production & Distribution Scheduling

Monitoring all mine activities in real-time to improve visibility, control and synchronization of mine production.

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Operations Planning and Scheduling Excellence

Owners & Operators schedule what they plan and execute what they schedule on an integrated supply chain planning system.

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Resource Portfolio Evaluation & Modeling

Assess and manage the Earth’s mineral resources sustainably through accurate resource definition permitting better informed ...

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Asset Integrity Excellence

Improve plant reliability and safety

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Digital Equipment Continuity

One unique solution to engineer, produce and service fast anywhere

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Capital Facilities Information Excellenc

Share trusted knowledge for effective decisions

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